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News: Microsoft fights back, says Apple “stands alone as the only platform to deny consumers from…

cloud gaming” 9ce595b1 15b9 4108 8296 E5c59e93b4fe by Arif Bacchus Email Twitter: @abacjourn Aug 6th, 2020 inNews Microsoft is fighting back against Apple after the iPhone maker blocked the Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming service (Project xCloud) out of the Apple App Store due to its policies. In a statement seen on Windows Central, Microsoft […]

Microsoft Stock Rises on TikTok Deal Talks

Microsoft stock is rallying Monday amid widespread enthusiasm for the company’s potential acquisition of the some operations of the video-social media site TikTok from China-based ByteDance, reportedly for as much as $50 billion. On Monday afternoon, President Donald Trump told reporters that the U.S. Treasury should get “a very substantial portion” of the sales price […]

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