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How to pick the next Nigerian president

It appears this mercantile politician whose character portrait is corrosive to democracy and who elevates self-interest over and above national interest will be taking no prisoners in the pursuit of his “lifelong ambition.” However, I am ready to shout it from the rooftops again and again, that his character attributes will engender a conflict of […]

finally admits Joe Biden has won…

I’ll take it! #TrumpConceded pic.twitter.com/0TB6oR2rkF — Tic Freeman’s Baby Mama (@JamelleMyBelle) November 15, 2020 Donald Trump acknowledged that Joe Biden won the US presidential election for the time on Sunday, but claimed attempts to “steal votes” meant the contest was rigged. The president stopped short of conceding defeat and his legal team are still focused […]

Multiple Republican senators think President-elect Biden should be receiving security briefings

High-ranking GOP senators told reporters on Thursday that they think Joe Biden should be receiving security briefings following his projected win in the presidential election. The Trump administration is currently withholding the classified briefings from Biden. The list of senators who support Biden receiving security briefings includes Chuck Grassley, John Thune, Lindsey Graham, James Lankford […]

Before Kamala Harris, many Black women aimed for the White House

Harris isn’t actually the first Black woman to run for vice president of the United States. Photo Illustration by Pavlo Conchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images Sharon Austin, University of Florida The vice president-elect of the United States is the American daughter of Jamaican and Indian immigrants. With Joe Biden’s projected presidential win over Donald Trump, […]

Tanzanian poll is likely to usher in a new era of authoritarianism. Here’s why

President John Magufuli has closed down all the reliable means to evaluate allegations of foul play. Getty Images Dan Paget, University of Aberdeen Tanzanians voted in their general election on October 28 in a poll that pitted popular opposition chief Tundu Lissu against incumbent John Magufuli. As the results were announced, Dan Paget explains why […]

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