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Women have disrupted research on bird song, and their findings show how diversity can improve all fields of science

Female song is common among fairywrens, like this red-backed fairywren. Paul Balfe/Flickr, CC BY Kevin Omland, University of Maryland, Baltimore County; Evangeline Rose, University of Maryland, and Karan Odom, Cornell University Americans often idealize scientists as unbiased, objective observers. But scientists are affected by conscious and unconscious biases, just as people in other fields are. […]

Pro Trump supporter/singer releases album on unity

Today, Ricky Rebel released his highly anticipated single and music video American Rebel on August 28th via AWAL, Kobalt Music Group. Available To Buy/Stream: https://smarturl.it/AmericanRebel The single features rock guitarist Tommy Joe Ratliff (Adam Lambert’s former guitarist). The single is co-produced by Grammy nominated platinum-selling producer Gary Miller (David Bowie, Cher, Katy Perry) and Ricky […]

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