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What is intolerance fatigue, and how is it fueling Black Lives Matter protests?

These people are protesting because they are tired, because they are worn out, because they are exhausted by violence against themselves and their communities. Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images Bev-Freda Jackson, American University School of Public Affairs Protesters remain on the streets demanding equality and justice for Black Americans. What they’re feeling, I believe, […]

Pompeo’s plan for a hierarchy of human rights could serve to undermine them all – including religious freedom

Critics have accused Mike Pompeo of sculpting policy out of his religious beliefs. Leah Millis/AFP via Getty Images Shelley Inglis, University of Dayton In pushing for religion to be given more prominence in U.S. foreign policy concerns, could Secretary of State Mike Pompeo be acting in bad faith? That’s what many human rights groups believe. […]

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