Gareth Shaw: impact working from home could have on your car insurance, mortgage and tax bill

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I’m now working from home due to the coronavirus crisis and I’m not sure how this affects my personal finances.

If I am working from home but using my car to visit colleagues and my boss, with social distancing, or post-lockdown to meet at a motorway service station, do I need business car insurance?

Should I inform my landlord, freeholder, lender and insurer? Could my landlord refuse permission or charge me more rent? Or if I was using a garden room, could it be liable to business rates?

And must I just accept that my winter heating and power bills will be considerably higher than last winter when the time clock went off at 7.30 am and came on at 7.00 pm?

David Mackmin, Milford Haven

Gareth says:

There’s plenty to unpack here and I can understand why it can be confusing.


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