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The Duration of Time of a Divorce

You should not feel alone if you find out how happen to file for a divorce so that your marriage can end. Approximately forty to fifty percent of people divorce as a way of an end to their marriage. It is however important for you to know that you will need to find a good divorce lawyer so that you can get into the process. Included in the questions that you need to ask the lawyer is the period of time that you will have to wait for the process to end. Although it might be difficult to tell the exact period of time that the divorce process will take, you need to have the expected timeline.

This article will provide you with information on the length of time that a divorce is likely to take. You should start by filing for the divorce. If you are planning to have a divorce, you should look for a reputable law firm as soon as you can for you to file the documents that are needed. In case you are the one who has started on matters about the divorce, you should find out how go to the attorney’s office and fill some documents. The documents will then find out how be filed by the attorney in court so that the process of divorce can commence. There may be need for you to wait for one month or more so that your divorce can continue from here.

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After you have filed the divorce papers, you are supposed to serve them to your partner. You need to be aware that your spouse needs to have received the file documents so that the divorce process can be started. From there, the other step that needs to be followed is find out how getting into the waiting period which may last for twelve months. Different states have different waiting periods and they usually begin from the day that your partner gets the divorce papers. The fourth step in a divorce is find out how negotiating stage which is done before the divorce is finalized.

The negotiating stage involves both you and your partner making sure that you have spoken to your respective lawyers. You should avoid any complication that may arise by agreeing on how best to share any assets that you may be having. The last step in a divorce is waiting for a dissolution hearing which should be done after both lawyers have has the most suitable solution. Your case may be dissolved within a few days or months depending on how busy the court is.

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