How chemicals like PFAS can increase your risk of severe COVID-19

The same chronic illnesses associated with exposure to endocrine-disrupting compounds also increase risk of developing severe COVID-19. Engin Akyurt and Kai Dahms/Unsplash Click Here For Different Hot Offers Daily Kathryn Crawford, Middlebury Nearly a year before the novel coronavirus emerged, Dr. Leonardo Trasande published “Sicker, Fatter, Poorer,” a book about connections between environmental pollutants and […]

Hurricane Laura was the latest storm to strengthen fast, but is rapid intensification really becoming more common?

Hurricane Laura intensified quickly over the Gulf of Mexico before making landfall on Aug. 27, 2020. CSU/CIRA and NOAA/NESDIS, CC BY-ND Click Here For Different Hot Offers Daily Chris Slocum, Colorado State University Hurricane Laura blew up quickly as it headed for the Louisiana coast, intensifying from a tropical storm to a major hurricane in […]

Let’s call athletes ‘workers,’ and let’s call these NBA protests what they were – strikes

When NBA players refused to take the court, athlete activism escalated to a new level. Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images Click Here For Different Hot Offers Daily Abraham I. Khan, Pennsylvania State University The Milwaukee Bucks’ startling refusal to take to the court for their NBA playoff game on Aug. 26 was the most consequential […]