Israeli army strikes Syrian bases

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The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) struck Assad’s army targets in southern Syria in response to an attempt to plant explosives on the border.

According to the IDF, “the targets of the airstrikes were observation posts, intelligence-gathering equipment, anti-aircraft batteries and command facilities at Syrian military bases.”

The official news agency of the Assad regime SANA reports, citing military sources, that at about eleven o’clock in the evening Israeli helicopters fired missiles at several sites in the vicinity of Quneitra, causing material damage.

On Monday night, four Arab militants who planted explosives at the border fence near Tel Fares, in the southern Golan Height, were killed.

Had they been able to plant the explosives, it could have resulted in the death of Israeli soldiers who patrol the border. A group of terrorists was shot from land and air.

This mountainous section of the Israeli-Syrian border is controlled by the soldiers of the 595th battalion of the Golani Division, reinforced by the fighters of the Israeli Special Forces Unit 212 (Maglan).

After the elimination of the terrorist link, an IDF patrol found explosives at the scene, 25 metres from Line A, that is, from the Israeli border with neutral territory.

A new round of confrontation on Israeli northern borders happened due to the death of a high-ranking Hezbollah fighter which was caused by a strike of an “unknown air force” on Iranian targets in Syria last week. The rocket blasts killed eight militants from pro-Iranian Shiite groups, including a certain Ali Kemal Muhsen of Hezbollah. Hezbollah officially declared him “a martyr killed by the Zionist aggressors”.

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