COVID-19 Prevention, Treatment Clinical Trials Begin

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Two COVID-19 clinical trials began on Thursday in Oxnard.

FOMAT Medical Research is testing an antibody cocktail called REGN-COV2, which has been gaining attention nationally as a possible way to treat and prevent the infection.

“It’s very much looking very promising,” said Nicholas Focil, CEO at FOMAT. “It gives your body the tools to fight it off on its own in a way.”

People who are interested in participating in the trials can get free coronavirus testing at a site across from the Oxnard Main Library. Results are returned within an hour. Anyone who tests positive can participate in the trial for treatment.

“This medication is for early onset,” Focil said. “You are randomized into one of three arms. It’s a combination therapy that you will be in high dose, low dose or placebo. It’s a one-time treatment day, so you’ll get treated that same day and for the next 35 days, you’ll be followed up with about 15 times.”


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