Kanye West posts family video from ‘make or break’ holiday

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Kanye West was excited for the weekend as he posted a sweet family dancing trend video from what is said to be a ‘make or break’ holiday with wife Kim Kardashian. The Golddigger rapper and his wife Kim, 39, took their children on a holiday to the Dominican Republic and the family bonding is what we love to see. Kanye and daughter North, seven, got behind the Put The Feeling On dance trend and put everyone else’s attempt to shame. The trend involves jumping from a car – which is driving at a slow and safe speed – to dance alongside the vehicle to the hit song.

See Video: https://metro.co.uk/2020/08/08/kanye-west-leaves-behind-drama-posts-family-video-dominican-republic-13101083/?ito=newsnow-feed

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