How do you sell a $1,000 phone during a pandemic?

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Virtual sales pitches and consultations. Touchless in-store device demos. Deals galore. Those are just some of the plans in Samsung’s playbook for selling phones during a pandemic. Last week, the South Korean electronics giant unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold 2 alongside the $999 Note 20, the $1,299 Note 20 Ultra, the $649 Galaxy Tab S7 tablet, the $399 Galaxy Watch 3 and the $170 Galaxy Buds Live earbuds. Samsung has already begun taking preorders for the new Notes. Orders should arrive around Aug. 21.

Samsung hasn’t yet detailed pricing or availability for the Z Fold 2, but said it will share more information on Sept. 1. The first generation of the device cost $1,980 and came with 4G in the US. The new model packs in 5G connectivity across the three major US carriers, a glass screen and a redesigned hinge, all of which could make it even more expensive.

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