The Paradise Rock Club (Experience)

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OK, for those of you buying tickets through a 3rd party, this is a General Admission venue. I looked everywhere to find out what GA4 meant from the 3rd party vendors – and I never found out. So not sure why someone wouldn’t buy the least expensive ticket from trusted 3rd party sellers. Anyway, thought I’d share.

Also, because it’s GA, the open doors early. Call if you want to find out when the act plans to go on. They had a recording. My ticket was for 7, but act planned 8:30 (8:50 actual – quite acceptable).

Steps from T station – easy access.

Venue is wider than deep with a small upstairs balcony (for those who actually did arrive at 7). For a sold-out show I was about 20′ from the stage. If you’re small or in a wheel chair, this may be a tough venue to see the stage. Don’t think balcony has lift, but didn’t look closely. Lots of people with ear plugs because the sound is loud and under the balcony reverberates.

Beer is $7-8, don’t know the mixed drink pricing, but they do have full bar. Never had to wait in much of a line. Bartenders were friendly and obviously enjoying their work. Merch table is well placed opposite side of room from the entrance.

Definitely a venue worth seeing a band – and their line-up is always interesting and tickets well priced.

Date of experience: May 2019
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