How to succeed as proposal writer consultant in 2020

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If you’re good at writing stuff, you can learn how to make money by writing proposals for other businesses. No matter where you live, there are people or business entities looking for help in this regard. Offering your skills on this level will earn you not just some cash, but some regard as a consultant.

What you need to succeed in proposal writing is simply the skills you got from your school days. It doesn’t take rocket science to write a good proposal, neither do you have to be a university graduate to enter the consultation service for proposal writing.

The following are the steps you need to take before you can succeed at what you do.

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  2. Determine what kind of organizations you want to serve. Recognize that your good command of English may not help if your proposal must include high-quality technical details. Unless you get some help from the insiders, you are bound to fail.
  3. Always ensure that you write clear English. Using too many words may not help if the content is filled with verbosity. So, make sure you use simple language that will be understandable to others. The only exception is if the proposal is a technical one.
  4. Ensure you listen carefully to the instructions given to you. This area is as important as any in your quest to be good at your vocation. If you receive information from a second party, you may need to verify that information from the original source.
  5. Be patient. There will always be times you feel like giving up. Don’t give in to the urge! Most of the time, when clients seem to be dissatisfied with your work, you may feel like the field isn’t for you. That’s not true. Keep pushing and you will finally see that people start relying on your judgments and counting on you for their jobs.
  6. Deliver on time. If you promised to deliver your work in a week’s time, don’t fail your clients. Your yes must mean yes, and that means you should start the work as soon as you get it. Start early, end early.
  • Being a writer is hard work but being a professional proposal writer is even harder. with consistency, and a willingness to learn, you can be the go-to proposal writer in your city.
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