This is what should happen to people who try to kidnap a governor

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I’m surprised that anyone would want to kidnap an American governor. However, that is what I woke up to this morning as soon as I switched the TV on. I learned that Michigan Democratic Governor, Gretchen Whitmer would have been kidnapped and the whole state would have been thrown into disarray this morning.

The good thing is that security agents moved quickly to stop the wicked plots of those men. About 13 of these men have been caught and are now in police net, waiting for charges, which would either send them to either life imprisonment or many years in prison.

These men have been plotting, acting, and rehearsing for months. The plan was to kidnap the governor from her vacation home, since there may not be enough security to save her. The plan to kidnap the governor is due to what they called uncontrolled power that she has. Maybe that’s why Democrats lead so much in the state. Probably, the kidnap could have given the Republicans a better chance in the state as November 3 approaches..

Seven of the men have been charged in state court for allegedly seeking to disrupt Michigan Capitol and clamoring for civil war.

According to the latest reports, the two groups trained together and planned “various acts of violence,” They were unable to put these into practice. It was reported that four of the men planned to meet Wednesday to make payments for explosives and gears for the kidnapping.

These men were arrested earlier this week, and six may face life imprisonment, while the other seven may get up to 20 years in prison.

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