Upcoming Smartest Cities In Africa

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African continent is currently rapidly growing up in all sectors of economy. The countries in the continent are undergoing a great transformation that is completely changing their faces and economies. The smartest as well as the technology advanced cities are currently being constructed in various countries in the continent. Some of the top projects according the Business insider include as follows:

1. Konza Technopolis, Kenya

This is currently the largest mega project in Kenya and Eastern Africa region. It is the largest upcoming smart city in Africa and it is set to be the most technology advanced city. The project is based at the South Eastern part of Nairobi the Kenya’s capital. It has been estimated that the city will cost the country up to $14.5 billion to be completed.

Konza Technology City will be a world class sustainable technology hurb in Kenya, and it is estimated to be one of Kenya’s economic drivers.

2. Eko Atlantic, Nigeria

The project is set to be the Nigeria international commercial city. The city is being constructed on the reclaimed land from the Atlantic ocean. It is an estate of Lagos city that extends to the Atlantic ocean.

3. Akon City

The legendary Senegal and American based musician Akon is currently building a smart city in Senegal. The city will promote all the economic activities that is going to promote the Senegal economy. It is located at the coast region of Senegal a few kilometers from Dakar International Airport.

4. Hope City, Ghana

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HOPE City is constructed at Prampram along the Accra metropolitan area and is set to be completed in about three years time. It is currently the largest construction project in Ghana. The city is expected to cost the Ghanian Government up to $10 billion.

Vision City, Rwanda

The Vision City project in Rwanda is set to one of the smart cities in Africa. The estimated cost of the project is reported to about $150 million. It is located in Gaculiro, Kinyiya land at Gasabo District in Rwanda.

Waterfall City, South Africa

The project is one of the largest in South Africa located at Gauteng in South Africa. It is set to be a vibrant modern smart city with all the modern cities facilities.

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