Case study: How to live off online investments – Lucas

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Today’s story is about an entrepreneur named Lucas — a man who leveraged his capital windfall from exiting his SaaS start up to a Fortune 150 company to invest long-term in online assets.

After Lucas’s exit he was unsure what to do. There was no guidance on how to invest after a large windfall and he was worried about sticking his capital into index funds that could devalue heavily over time.

Lucas decided to lean on his love of learning and his passion for the online world to come up with his own investment strategy. He bucked the trend by actively investing online and choosing to hold his assets for the foreseeable future instead of selling them off.

He now lives entirely off of cash flow from his online investments and says his online assets performance has been like ‘winning the lottery.’

We want you to look forward to the week and to kick things off with an entrepreneurial buzz. We think our recent interview with Lucas Carlson will get you in the right frame of mind.

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