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The Android app Spy Phone App now can be found under the name Spapp Monitoring. This rebranding of the product changed also the url of the website. The url of the website was changed from https://www.spy-phone-app.com/ to https://www.spappmonitoring.com/. All of the Spapp Monitoring clients will be redirected to the new website. This rebrand represents a significant step in the company’s evolution. Spapp Monitoring offers a 3 days free trial that comes with all the features of the app.

Spapp Monitoring, formally known as Spy Phone App, is a complete monitoring solution used for tracking Android cell phones. With over three million users, Spapp Monitoring is one of the most used mobile tracking app. The mobile app can be used by parents for monitoring their teenager child or by employers for employee monitoring. As a parent, ensuring your child is safe and healthy should be your first priority. This application also makes work easy for any supervisor as it tracks the employees working time.

The extensive rebranding effort also included adding new tracking features to Spapp Monitoring. From 2020, Spapp Monitoring is able to record phone calls even for Android 10. Spapp Monitoring requires Accessibility access for recording calls on Android 10. Accessibility access is not needed only for call recording but also for sent social media messages. With Accessibility access and Notification access, Spapp Monitoring is also able to track all social media messages, even without Root, for apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and many others.

The Android 10 Phone Call Recording is included in the latest version 15.0 of Spapp Monitoring. Before Spapp Monitoring version 15.0 it is possible that all phone call recordings were silent. From Spapp Monitoring version 15.0 it is still possible to have silent phone call recordings even if you enable the Accessibility access. This is why we recommend that you display a notification for the app. If Spapp Monitoring is visible when it records the call, the app may have a higher priority to record the phone call. Only one recording process is allowed on Android.

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What is new in the latest Spapp Monitoring version 15.0 :

  • Access to all cell phone calls; this includes phone call recording for Android 10 or even Android 11.
  • Get incoming messages from WhatsApp when you are in chat – without no message notification posted. – before this incoming messages were tracked only if they appear in notification. If you are in chat, you will not see a notification. More info on these pages: Whatsapp Spy and Whatsapp Hack
  • Get incoming chat messages from Facebook when you are in chat – even if no notification is posted. More info on this page Facebook Spy
  • Get incoming chat messages from Snapchat when you are in chat – even if no notification is posted. More info on this page Snapchat Spy
  • KakaoTalk chat messages without ROOT.
  • imo chat messages without ROOT.
  • Zalo chat messages without ROOT.
  • Discord chat messages without ROOT.
  • Messenger Lite chat messages without ROOT.
  • Support for the new version of Hike Sticker Chat – Fun & Expressive Messaging.
  • TikTok messages without ROOT.
  • ZOOM messages without ROOT.
  • Pinterest messages without ROOT.
  • Likee messages without ROOT.
  • WhatsApp Business messages without ROOT.
  • Improved support for website tracking for Chrome, Samsung Internet or other browsers.
  • Added browser tracking for Opera browser beta, Web Browser & Fast Explorer, Kiwi Browser, Mint Browser, Via Browser, Browser for Android, Quick Browser, DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser, Brave Privacy Browser, UC Browser Turbo, Phoenix Browser and Microsoft Edge

It is your responsibility to use the application legally, including for call recording on Android 10. We recommend to display a notification for Spapp Monitoring. This notification will be shown on the mobile phone( notifying the user that he is tracked and that its activity on the phone can be viewed remotely), making this application not usable as a spy app – hidden app. You are not able to use this application as a spying application where you spy on a person without his or her consent. To spy a mobile phone could be a federal offence and it is very important to understand this, you must always check the laws in your country. In general installing a monitoring app for parental control is legal but we still recommend checking a few laws in your country or state. There are some states where to legally record a phone call, you must inform both parties of the conversation.

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