3 major states producing crude oil in Nigeria

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As we all know, Nigeria is the top country producing oil and gas in Africa. It is the main way in which the country earns its revenue. In this short read, we reveal the three states that are the major oil producers in Nigeria.

Check them out below:

1. Rivers

Yes, Rivers State is one of the top producing states when it comes to crude oil. It is also home to two refineries. There are also other notable places in the state. This state produces 21.43 percent of the total crude emanating from Nigeria.

2. Delta

Delta State is the second in the line of top-producing oil and gas companies in Nigeria. The town of Uzere is one of the major places where crude oil is found in that state. The state is responsible for the production of 21.56 percent of all crude oil produced in Nigeria.

3. Ondo

This is another major state where crude oil is produced in the country. This state is in the southwest. It is responsible for roughly 3.74 percent of the total crude output in Nigeria.

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