5 reasons Ukrainian refugees are coming back home

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The war in Ukraine has not ended but some of the Ukrainians who had fled the country more than a month ago, are coming back. Why are they coming back, especially to hotspots where battles are still raging.

1. Some said there’s no place like home. For these ones, it is easy to survive in Ukraine than in a country where they can’t look for work because they don’t speak the language.

2. Some don’t just want to be called refugees anymore. Russia didn’t win the war, and there’s no hope that it will, so they’re proud to be coming home, as the worst fears have departed.

3. It’s been 48 days since the west warned that Kyiv had only 48 hours before it fell to the Russians. The capital is still standing.

4. The Ukrainian front lines are now stabilized and the country itself is learning to function in a state of war, prompting the refugees to return home.

5. For yet others, the pull of home, family, and friends is just too much.

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