NK hackers exposed in $615m crypto heist

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The United States of America has revealed information regarding a massive cryptocurrency heist worth $615m from gamers.

The game allows players to earn crypto through playing or trading their avatars.

This new hack is suggested to be the biggest so far in the crypto world.

US officials have exposed the NK group behind the attack, calling them “Lazarus”.

The hacker group is supposed to be controlled by North Korea’s primary intelligence bureau.

The group has been around for a while, and they gained popularity in 2014 when they were accused of hacking Sony Pictures.

The US also claims that North Korea has been involved in illicit activities in order to generate revenue for its weapons of mass destruction.

A blockchain analysis company said in a report that North Korean hackers stole up to $400m worth of digital assets in some seven attacks on cryptocurrency platforms in 2021.

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