Ethereum Upgrade: Crypto users bet $10 billion

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The much anticipated biggest bet in all crypto is taking place on Lido Finance. At the present time, more than $10 billion has been deposited for this course.


The deposits will be used to revamp or upgrade Ethereum.


The bet is being made through staking, which is a common practice in the crypto world. It is the best practice for investors to earn passive income without selling their tokens.


Staked coins are used to validate crypto transactions and secure the network in exchange for rewards.


For the value of the recently staked Ether to remain on point, the Ether upgrade must be done correctly and in time as well.


It will be bad if users lose confidence in the upgrade or the staking project.


At this time, everything regarding the upgrade is doing fine. If things go according to plan, the upgrade should happen sometime after the month of June 2022.

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