Hacked Reckful YouTube: Scammers defraud others

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A dead YouTuber called Reckful, (real name Byron Bernstein) who committed suicide in 2020 has had his account hacked in 2022.

His YouTube account now has cryptocurrency content, and old videos of the richest man on earth, Elon Musk, talking favorably about crypto investments.

This claims people can get back in double whatever crypto they invest.

As seen on the YouTube account, it seems people are already falling victim to this scam. One person invested $3000 already.

Reckful’s fans are angry at the actions taken by the hackers. One described it as being equal to when people destroy tombstones.

Cryptocurrency scams have been growing over time on YouTube. Just typing Tesla live on the search bar brings up several of the scams in one breath.

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