Nepal’s airports now among most expensive in the world

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Tax is making many airports in Nepal very expensive. The government believes it can tax anything taxable. That made Kathmandu airport one of the most expensive airports in the world.

Instead of taking flights from Nepal, some who are close to the border prefer to enter India before they take a flight so that they can save some money.

The Nepalese government has tripled the airport passenger service charge these days. For domestic flights, charges are doubled, but for international flights charges are tripled.

For this, analysts say that the tourism industry will suffer. Meanwhile, the hospitality industry is still struggling to get on its feet.

The country too is facing some liquidity crises and right now, foreign exchange reserves are on a downward move.

Officials at the airports say that this is not a good time to raise prices but the government is yet to listen to such warnings.

For this, some economists say that there are fears that Nepal is going the same way as Sri Lanka.

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