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In the crypto world, DeFi, NFTs, P2E, Metaverse, Stablecoins, and more have made the waves.

Now, there’s a new technology or way to earn in the crypto world. It is known as Move-to-earn.

What is Move-to-Earn?

Here is what to know about Move-to-Earn:

  1. It includes a variety of products and services that pay users for being active. So, it pays users for partaking in exercise for example. It is somehow like P2E.
  2. It came into existence in 2021 through the popularity of STEPN, a web3 lifestyle app.
  3. The app tracks the activities from a smartphone such as the activity of fitness. These activities can be uploaded to a move-to-earn app and it can be checked if it qualifies for a reward.

These kinds of crypto tokens were leading the top gainers for the week despite the fact that the market was on a downward turn.

Bitcoin traded lower than it used to, and the cryptocurrency market capitalization fell below the $2 trillion mark.

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