Top 10 persons in the world are women – Why no man is among them

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As Tanaka died last week, some of the oldest people in the world have been revealed.

Check this post and see the supercentenarians who are alive today, May 1, 2022.

But looking at these old, wonderful people, you could not even find a man.

Why is it that men don’t grow old as much as women do?

I once read an article that outlined the reasons why women grow up and last longer than men.

Read the article that explains why women are living longer than men here.

In the reasons given about why women live longer than men, the author claimed that men take on more dangerous jobs, they are more likely to avoid seeing doctors, and because they are bigger, they often die quicker.

Really, it is funny. Both of my parents never lived to be 70 but it was notable throughout their troubled lives, my mom still outlived my dad by eight years.

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