What opposition did the Jews face?

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3. What opposition did the Jews face?

Former exiles began to face strong opposition when they started to rebuild the temple. The nations around them that did know Jehovah continually discouraged the people of Judah and disheartening them from building. When a new king came to power, they saw it as their chance to put a permanent stop to the building work by “framing trouble in the name of the law.” They rold the king that the Jews were planning to rebel against him. The king ordered a ban on the temple construction and the work stopped.

4. How did Jehovah deal with the opposition to the temple building?

According to Isaiah 55:11, Jehovah will always accomplishe his purpose. As respects the temple building, He raised up a fearless prophet named Zechariah and gave him a series of eight thrilling visions, which he was to share with the Jews for their encouragement. The visions moved them to action, and they began the work.

7. What change brought a measure of relief to the temple builders?

Another new king, Darius I began ruling in Persia. In the second year of his reign, he discovered that the ban on the temple construction was illegal. So, he gave orders that the work be started again. He even ordered the nations around to stop interferring with the construction work. He gave funds so that the work could finish in four years.

11. What challenges do some of Jehovah’s worshippers face today?

Some who served in a form of special full-time service for a long time have received a change of assignment. Others can no longer handle a privilege because of their age. These two situations can be challenging because some become discouraged and feel like they are no longer needed in Jehovah’s organization.

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15. How can we show that we respect Jehovah’s direction as found in his Word?

We need to ask ourselves the following questions when we are studying or reading the bible: ‘When I read the Bible or one of our publications, do I stop and meditate? Do I search for the meaning of Bible truths that “are hard to understand”? Or do I simply skim over the material quickly?’ Stopping to meditate on what we learn in the bible can help us to be able to follow his direction and accomplish our preaching work.​

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