How to optimize battery charging in MacBook

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Here’s a simple tip for all MacBook owners. When your device is going to have the charger plugged in for most of the day, this tip is essential. You must try to change the setting. This is needed so that you can prevent battery aging. No one wants to keep buying laptop batteries every time.

So, let’s try this tip for optimizing your MacBook battery life.

Step 1
Click on the battery icon on the menu bar. You can see it at the top of the display.

Step 2
Select Battery Preferences from the drop-down menu

It is possible that you don’t see a battery icon. In that case, you can go to System Preferences, then go to Energy Saver, and check the box for Show Battery Status in the Menu Bar.

Step 3
At the bottom of the list of options select Optimized battery charging.

That’s all you need to do in order to optimize your MacBook battery life. In this case, your device will slow down the charging once the battery charging reaches 80 percent.

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