What do we learn from Jesus’ prayers?

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What do we learn from Jesus’ prayers?

We learned that he prayed frequently. Because he was busy and surrounded by many people, he had to make out time for prayer. His prayer moments were early in the morning and at night. When making heavy decisions, he prays first before he took action.

For what can we praise Jehovah?

We can praise what we love and appreciate about his qualities. We can also praise him for acting in our behalf and in behalf of our entire spiritual family.

Why may we need to cultivate appreciation for Jehovah?

We don’t want to be classed among the unthankful in an unthankful world. Instead of our prayers being a list of requests, we need to continue to cultivate and express appreciation for all that Jehovah has done and is doing for us.​

Why did Jesus’ disciples need boldness after Jesus returned to heaven?

Jesus reminded his disciples of their assignment to give a witness about him “in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the most distant part of the earth.” But that assignment became difficult when the Jewish leaders demanded that those faithful men stop preaching, even threatening them. So they needed boldness at that time.

Why do we need Jehovah’s help to resist temptation?

Imperfect humans have a constant struggle against the temptation to do what is wrong. Satan is also doing all he can to make our struggle as hard as possible. He tries to corrupt our thinking by means of debased entertainment, and if we give in, it can lead to serious sin.

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