Rapper Nas may drop new album end of July 2023

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Long time rapper, Nas has enjoyed a renaissance over the past few years, and rumor has it that the veteran might have another album on the way this year.

On July 14, a Reddit account that is considered a “Nas insider” and goes by Exact_Contribution54 responded to users asking for updates from the MC, succinctly writing “July 21.”

When asked if the date pertains to a song or an album, the mystery account replied: “Album [witch emoji, Vol. 2 book emoji].

Hiphopdx.com wrote that based on the above emojis, fans are speculating that the album might be a follow-up to Nas’ 2021 album, “Magic”.

Magic project was also released as a surprise with no promotional rollout, so a sequel isn’t much of a reach, given what little information has been shared.

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