CNBC: Best contactless credit cards

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Contactless credit cards are a faster and safer way to pay for purchases in-store, especially during the current climate with health and safety concerns top-of-mind.

In fact, the majority of Americans (51%) use contactless payments, such as tap-to-pay credit cards and mobile wallets, due to concerns over the cleanliness of signature touchpads and paying with cash.

Most major card issuers began issuing all new cards with contactless capability last year and promoted tap-and-go transactions with initiatives like installing contactless payment systems at NYC subway terminals.

However, if your card doesn’t have the contactless indicator (a wave-like symbol on the front), you may want to consider opening a contactless card and benefiting from tapping to pay.

Below, CNBC Select rounds up the best contactless credit cards in five main categories, so you can choose the best card based on your spending habits.


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