What helped one sister to realize that her prayers were

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  1. Why does Jehovah want us to pray to him?

The Scriptures assure us that Jehovah loves us deeply and that we are precious to him. Haggai. 2:7 helps us to see how precious we are to him. Also, he wants a close relationship with us which can help us to deal successfully with the difficulties we are facing.

  1. At times, why may it seem that Jehovah is not answering our prayers?

The Bible says he can “do more than superabundantly beyond all the things we ask or conceive.” For that reason, his answer to our prayers could come at a time or in a way that we do not anticipate. So, our prayers may have been answered but we may not be aware of it.

  1. Relate an example of how Jehovah can use those who do not worship him to answer our prayers.

King Artaxerxes is one good example. Jehovah used him to grant Nehemiah’s request to return to Jerusalem so that he could help with rebuilding the city. Jehovah is still working in the same way today by making those who do not worship him to come to our rescue when we are in need.

  1. What helped one sister to realize that her prayers were being answered?

Sister Yoko felt that Jehovah was not answering her prayers, so she began to keep a record of what she asked Jehovah for in her prayers. After some time, she looked through her notebook and realized that Jehovah had answered most of her prayers, even some that she didn’t remember.

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How can we exercise faith when we are seeking answers to our prayers?

We show faith by accepting his answer to our prayers in whatever form it comes. Mike and his wife, Chrissy had to wait longer to serve at Bethel. They were never invited. Instead, they had more opportunities to enjoy their full time service, serving as regular pioneers where the need was greater and supporting theocratic construction projects. Today they are in the traveling work. Like the couple, we too can build faith in Jehovah, for he answers our prayers and in ways that can even be better than we know. That’s what Mike realized.

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