Is NOW the Right Time to Refinance? MEHP

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The DC 37 Municipal Employees Housing Program staff and its mortgage consultants can help you make an informed decision.

Mortgage interest rates can change almost daily, and significant swings can occur from one day to the next.

And particularly in our geographic area, where homes are heavily financed, even small changes in interest rates can have a significant impact on a homeowner’s budget.

Although many analysts have been predicting dramatic lows in interest rates in the months to come, others are cautioning against anticipated peaks and rate increases as government relief begins to flow through our economy.

And given the recent economic slowdown and record unemployment figures, some economists are predicting a significant decline in property values in the coming months.

With so much uncertainty from one day to the next, knowing if and when to make a move on refinancing your home loan may be a difficult decision.

Our housing specialists are available to discuss the impact of the current economic climate, what these changes may mean for you, and how you can best benefit financially during this wild market ride. In some cases “staying the course” may be your best bet, but it is always important that you have the right information available to you so that you can make the smartest choice given your own personal circumstances.

We encourage our members who have decided to refinance or cash out on their home’s equity to consider all of their options before acting and to take full advantage of the DC 37 Municipal Employees Housing Program in making their decision. Our dedicated team of experienced mortgage professionals is here to help you make the right long term financial decision.

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MELS attorneys are available to assist with closings on mortgages and refinancing. To speak with an attorney, please call 212-815-1111, or email To speak with a DC 37 mortgage professional, please email or call 212-815-1139 or 845-541-8993.

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