“My dream was to get married before the age of 30 and now…”

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“My dream was to get married before the age of 30 and now that I’m 30 I’ve officially ended more than 30 marriages. Your Divorce Attorney,” she wrote.

This tweet became viral. Many commented on it. See some below.

Netizens react to the lawyer’s tweet
@Thembaleth28799 said:

“I wonder how you feel when you have to give legal advice for those couple. I understand that you are human being I am sure sometimes it affects you emotional even though it’s a career to you. But handling issues of divorce must hard.”
@PeterPe26234483 said:

“So basically you hv failed at achieving you dream of getting married at 30 and now that you are 30 you are doing a great job as a divorce attorney.”
@ZTD699 said:

“Sitting in court listening or working through divorce proceedings is a spiritual and psychologically tiring exercise. I wish I had another option.”
@Nkomos12 said:

“My lawyer was in tears when my dirvoce case ended I was worried by him more than my divorce.”
@Seipati_Sanity said:

“I know you’re doing your Job sis.
“But dam.n! 30? Yoh.. my question to you is what is the biggest thing causing marriages to end?”
@RobertMakwinja4 said:

“We don’t end marriages counsel. We simply help our clients reach an amicable solution to their marital issues. One of the solutions is going their separate ways…”
@Dessydee16owl said:

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“A friend of mine in Mpumalanga is a magistrate, he says he is forever busy with divorce cases. People hate each other so bad so he just authorize their wishes.
“Meanwhile those getting married are just a handful.
“So sad.”

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