Teracube: Sustainable and Repairable Smartphone

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Teracube performance is good enough for most tasks anyone could carry out on a smartphone. The
display is nice, and there is also decent battery life, a headphone jack, and no bloatware. This is what
is needed for the individual who needs something a little bit different from conventional
smartphones. The most amazing part is that it is a budget device.
Below are some of the angles touched:

  1. Teracube Design
  2. Teracube Display
  3. Teracube Processor
  4. Storage Features
  5. Battery Power
  6. Speaker & Call Quality
  7. Software Features
  8. Camera, Video, & Image Quality
  9. The Verdict

Teracube Design

It shows itself as any other smartphone would in shape and specs. But the manufacturer claims that
this smartphone makes use of recycled materials at the glass, frame, and back cover. This seems to
be an introductory offer from the company.

Teracube Display

This phone has a good display size, seeing it came with 6.2 inches screen. That is laudable for this is
the first-ever smartphone from Teracube. Also, the display type LCD full HD capacitive touchscreen
technology. Screen resolution is 1080 x 2280 pixels.

Teracube Processor

The performance department of Teracube is effective as it has MediaTek Helio P60 at the helm of
affairs. The CPU speed is clocked at 2.0 GHz, which indicates that the speed is not the highest in mid-
range smartphones, but it has no drawbacks.

Storage Features

For Teracube, the storage department shows 6 GB RAM, which no one can expand. But the internal
storage of 128 GB can be increased with a microSD card placed in its dedicated slot.

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Battery Power

Powering the Teracube is a 3,400 mAh battery that can last for just a full day. This is not to say it
can’t last more than that, as a moderate use or the turning on of Power Saver can elongate the

Speaker & Call Quality

The sound coming out from the device loudspeaker are okay. There’s also a headphone jack to
support dedicated noise cancellation. Making and receiving calls are things the user can do even in
relatively noisy areas with ease because the volume can be either raised or lowered for sounds. Even
the ringtone, media playback, and notification sounds are all perfect.

Software Features

At present, the phone runs on Android v9.0 Pie, but the manufacturer has affirmed it will receive
Android software and security patches for the next three years. That starts from the time a buyer
purchases it. It means we should expect the phone to upgrade to Android v10 anytime from now.
There are sensors such as fingerprint, light, accelerometer, proximity, and compass inside the

Camera, Video, & Image Quality

There are two cameras at the rear of the phone. 12 MP primary camera operates with 5 MP at the
back of the phone, while at the front, there is 8 MP for selfies. Even in good lighting, the quality of
the photo is average. Shooting at night is almost impossible because the phone has no night mode.

The camera features are also moderate. The thing is that those who love to have very sharp camera
phones may not enjoy the use of this phone.

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Teracube Price

The official price of Teracube is $240, which means that it would be sold for about 91,200 Naira in

The Verdict

So, it appears this phone lacks the very things that mid-rangers lack. There is no wireless charging
support, no water resistance, and by default, this phone can’t work in many countries unless it is
unlocked. The best thing about the phone is that once you don’t mind camera performance, the
phone appears to be okay as other features look good.


Note: The price of this phone may have changed by the time you read this

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