What important developments took place in 1919?

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7. What changes did some of the Jews need to make? Give an example.

Some of the Jews needed to change their thinking and their standard of worship. They had to learn to love Jehovah a d willfully obey his commandments.

An example is that of those who married foreign women who didn’t worship Jehovah. Most of the children born to these women could not speak Jewish language. so they needed to learn the language in which the Bible was written so they could learn to love Jehovah.

9. In harmony with Isaiah 57:14, in what sense has preparatory work been done on “the Way of Holiness”?

Just as Jehovah saw to it that obstacles were removed for the Jews leaving Babylon, he has done the same by using God-fearing men to help clear the way out of Babylon the Great. These men did necessary preparatory work​—spiritual roadwork—​on the way of holiness to make it possible later for right-hearted people to leave Babylon the Great and enter the spiritual paradise.

12-13. Give an example of how sincere students of the Bible in the 19th century began to expose false religious teachings.

About 1835 Henry Grew published a tract in which he proved from the Scriptures that immortality is a gift from God, not a condition we are all born with, as most of the churches taught. In 1837 George Storrs read the tract and was convinced that he had discovered a vital truth. George began to tell others what he had learned. In 1842 he gave a series of lectures on the intriguing theme “An Inquiry​—Are the Wicked Immortal?” The writings of George Storrs had a positive influence some individuals and one of them was a young man named Charles Taze Russell.

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15. What important developments took place in 1919?

In 1919, Babylon the Great lost its grip on God’s people. In that year, a “faithful and discreet slave appeared on time to welcome honest-hearted ones to the newly opened “Way of Holiness.” These ones could increase their knowledge of Jehovah’s purposes. They also brought their life into harmony with Jehovah’s requirements.

Review 2

When was the modern-day “Way of Holiness” open for travelers, and what work had been done to prepare that figurative highway?

It was in 1919 that the modern-day “Way of Holiness” opened for travelers. Through the previous centuries, God-fearing men boldly made efforts in sharing powerful messages denouncing Christendom, to the anger of clergymen. These God-fearing men shared tracts, and books refuting belief of false religion.

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