To be truly united, what should a husband and wife do?

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Why did Jehovah choose Joseph and Mary to be the parents of the future Messiah?

Jehovah chose them because of the personal relationship they had with Jehovah, and Jehovah knew that they would build their marriage around their love for him, thereby be able to take care of his only begotten son.

Why must a husband and wife spend time with each other?

Spending time with each other helps them so they are less likely to drift apart​—mentally and emotionally. Lilia, married for over 15 years said that because their days as a couple were consumed by secular work, housework, and later their children, she said they found that if they didn’t make time for themselves as a couple, they could draw away from each other.

What activities did Aquila and Priscilla share in together?

They were engaged in secular worked, they preached, and helped others to gain accurate knowledge of the truth. Of special note is the fact that when the Bible mentions Aquila and Priscilla, it always mentions them together.

To be truly united, what should a husband and wife do?

Apart from spending time with each other, they must give attention to their spouse needs. That’s what it means to spend quality time with each other. There must be no distractions.
That’s why Bruno said and I quote him: we put away our cell phones and enjoy the time with each other.

Why is respect vital in order to keep a couple’s love alive?

Respect is like the oxygen that allows a campfire to burn brightly. If there’s no oxygen, a fire quickly goes out. In the same way, without respect, a couple will find that their love can quickly grow cold.

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How do married couples benefit by working to keep their love alive?

They will build your life together around Jehovah, honoring Him, and they will make time for each other, and respect each other’s feelings and needs. Problems will be few, if there’s any. Their love may even grow stronger forever.

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