4 Reasons Why Nigerians Love SUVs

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1. Appearance. The aerodynamic design of a SUV makes it appealing to car fans

Although when you are making an automotive investment, this should not be the
principal or only reason to purchase that vehicle. Functionality should be the primary
consideration even though beauty will also enter into your decision.
2. Driving characteristics. While other vehicles are mainly designed for afford ability and function, SUVs gives emphasis on performance and execution. The trait and

2. Condition of driving a SUV is an experience often unmatched

Keeping in mind their very discriminating car drivers, SUVs easily outperform the road
execution of other automobiles. Drivers can quickly accelerate when required, hug
turns, and have a certain driving management not provided by most vehicles.

3. Fun and excitement. The driving qualities of a SUV can provide excitement and fun

A person can spend hours talking about exciting experiences such as curve hugging
while not taking one’s foot off of the accelerator or zooming past slow moving traffic yet
remaining in full control or talk about the feeling of gratification , and knowing that one is

Driving a car with superb engineering

4. Duration and resale value. Each new automobile depreciates the very second it is
driven. However, SUVs will become more valuable as time passes, because of their
above-mentioned qualities and are expected to become potential classics that will retain

their value.

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