Picture of the day: What tha!

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The picture is seemingly advertising health. The words were like: Nak Maddam Deepa.

I decided to Google it and see what it’s all about. For here on the advert, there’s no other clue except Health is Wealth. That comes after Nak Maddam Deepa.

The search brought out a few things Indian. I may not have been correct when I thought it must have something to do with Indian company.

There’s nothing like that in the search results.

A search on images on Google revealed more info on Maddam Sir, an Indian movie.
However, the picture on the ad still pricks my mind. What were the advertisers thinking about?

Maybe my mind is corrupted. However, it seems something is wrong in the picture, especially when a scientist, in trying to describe a tree mistakenly attributes a P*nis to it!


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