Iggy Azalea pants slit on stage: Concert cut short

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Iggy Azalea upset Saudi Arabian authorities on Friday night during a raunchy concert in Boulevard Riyadh City which saw the performance cut short after her pants split on stage.

However, the 33-year-old has now claimed that it was her message of female empowerment and not her wardrobe malfunction that caused police to end the concert early.

The racy rapper spent the concert twerking to her many expletive-filled hits, which she performed uncensored, when her skintight latex pants completely busted open.

Iggy sat down awkwardly on stage and tried to conceal the mishap as she called for her entourage to bring her a pair of sweatpants so that she could cover up.

Interestingly, a remix of Cher’s feminist anthem Woman’s World was playing at the time of the incident.


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