Deepfake scam has finally arrived on social media

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Long feared, the deepfake scam has finally arrived on social media.

Fake videos of celebrities hawking phony services have begun to gain some traction on major social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok and YouTube.

Last week, NBC News viewed more than 50 videos posted to those sites that featured computer-manipulated images and audio of well-known people, all of which appeared to have been created to scam viewers out of money.

What it means for us

For people who care about their health and safety, they must be sure of the authenticity of the product they want to purchase. Just because you see your favorite actor or singer advertise a product doesn’t mean it’s good and reliable. In this life of AI anything can happen. Even if you see yourself on social media doing strange things doesn’t mean it’s your real self, so beware!

Click here to see more about deepfake videos spreading on social media.

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