Am I cheating on my boyfriend? – Reddit post

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Am I cheating on my boyfriend?

I ( 27F) have been with my boyfriend (30M) for a little over a year. From the very beginning I knew he was jealous and I thought it was just a wound he needed to heal since he was married before and it ended because his ex cheated on him. I have always had guy friends ( some I’ve known since highschool ) and he seemed uncomfortable with that. I thought it was no big deal since I hang out with them maybe once every few months. Among those guy friends is a coworker who texts me regularly. As of recently I have hung out with this coworker more to celebrate work birthdays outside of work. These are group events and they don’t happen very often. I have even turned down outings with this guy where I know we will be alone because I know it will make my boyfriend uncomfortable. However my boyfriend has been expressing his discomfort with me having male friends more and more. Recently I had a very old friend come from out of town and I had dinner with him. Again my boyfriend voiced his discomfort. He says anytime I hang out with a guy friend it’s low level infidelity because I’m putting myself in a situation that can lead to more. He’s never explicitly told me not to hang out with them just how he feels. Am I cheating?

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