Miley Cyrus’ new fashion: Fans brand her ‘sexiest on Earth’

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Miley Cyrus strips to fishnets and tiny knickers as fans brand her ‘sexiest on Earth’.

Miley Cyrus had fans branding her the “sexiest woman on Earth” as she stripped to a pair of sheer fishnets and a tiny pair of knickers in one of her many performances.

The Wrecking Ball hitmaker turned up the heat in a black and white snap to promote her latest single, “Used to Be Young”. The peroformance is widely seen online and on social media.

Posing up a storm in a lingerie set, Miley wore a silk bra top, cropped to end just around her ribs and exposing swathes of her toned tummy.

A pair of high-waisted silk knickers matched her top, as Miley slipped into a pair of fishnet tights and ballet slippers that rose to her mid-calf.



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