When you earn more money but are still poor-er

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Do you suffer from the money situation mentioned below? You’re earning twice what you used to earn but you still can’t make ends meet.

How do people make so much damn money

I got a new job recently, it doubled my annual income from 30k to 60k. And yet, I can hardly afford anything.

I can afford a town home to rent, but that’s it. I don’t do much, no drugs, no alcohol, no vacations, no flashy new car, no kids, no significant other. I literally just work, drive around a bit after work, Reddit, and sleep.

Yet, my bank account isn’t big. I’m not saving massive amounts in my 401k.

I just don’t understand it. I have several friends who have bought a house in the last year. I know people who go on vacations to Mexico or the Bahamas every year.

I just don’t get it man.

What do you think is really happening?

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