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This answer on how to earn is in reply to someone who wanted to know how to earn real good in life. Judge for yourself if this is a good answer.


I started by fixing other people’s Excel workbooks. Then I fixed people’s PowerPoints. Now I fix people’s Jira boards.

It turns out there are a lot of really smart people who have a hard time translating what’s in their brains into something others can understand and work with.

Edit: this got way too big and my notifications and inbox are exploding, so I’ll just add more context here.

I was being a little fasectious in the simplicity of my comment. I’m not the best at PowerPoint, excel, or Jira. My whole career has been about taking in information from multiple experts and translating their ramblings into something concrete. Turning complex things into something others outside of their expertise can understand.

Be the person who “takes the pen” on things. Learn to focus on actionable outcomes. Take notes on what other people say in meetings, and spend your time refining those things into something that best serves those outcomes. These skills are transferrable across tools, companies, industries, etc.

Good storytelling and good design go a long way. User experience principles apply to more than just software, look for ways to apply those principles in all the work you do.

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