Lifestyle: 5 things you need to change now

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You may not think about it, but there are many things we just let ourselves do without thinking adequately about it or the lifestyle changes we need to make. Here are five of those things we need to change right now because not changing them can later affect us badly.

1. Worrying about stuff you have no control over

2. Not sleeping enough! For example,fit bit says I sleep an average of 6h 40m a night which is more than 70% of Users! WTF? I am not sleeping enough.

3. Sitting without adequate exercise to counter it. Since starting my first office job I’ve never felt so physically ill. I just started exercising and I’m doing better but yeah apparently sitting for 8 hours then going home and laying on the couch isn’t good for you.

4. Staying in toxic relationships..

5. Smoking and drinking

Doing your best to make the right changes will enrich your life.

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