Not enough sleep making people sick – Doctor

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Not Enough Sleep Is Making Us Sick and Depressed. Here’s One Doctor’s Sleep Solution to Get Happier and Healthier

A doctor realized that the problem with us is that of not sleeping enough, a doctor has said in a recent interview…

When the trouble started

My true “aha” moment was when I read a study about brain health and sleep and learned that the brain cleans itself while we’re sleeping. I thought that this incredible discovery would be the catalyst that would “‘wake people up,” no pun intended, to take sleep more seriously and lessen the possibility of developing dementia in later life. But nothing changed, and I realized something had to be done. And while the whole ecosystem of LQ is vital to our health, our relationship around sleep is the centerpiece.

One thing he wants to change

If I could change one thing right now to improve our societal LQ, I would have all public middle schools and high schools start no earlier than 9 a.m. Children need a lot more sleeping than adults do. So why are we knowingly harming the health of our children by programming sleep deprivation into their lives?

Dr. Lloyd Glauberman, is a Manhattan-based psychologist in private practice specializing in the treatment of anxiety, mood disorders and relationship issues.

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