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Seven ways to land a writing gig

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According to Fortune, this fall is going to be a big test for the “return to office” policies companies are putting in place.

Below is a list of seven projects I sent my friend that you can quickly take on as a freelance writer.

Start with one and add on more as you gain proficiency …

Copywriting is the only profession where you earn while you learn, and continue to make more money by adding to your skillset.

I should note — the training programs for ALL of these projects are on sale today here. At the lowest prices you’ll see EVER.

Easy-to-Learn Writing Project #1: Case Studies

Case studies are short stories that describe how a company or organization solved a particular challenge with a product or service — and what the results of solving that challenge were.

Typically around 800-1,200 words, case studies are basically a “before-and-after” story. But here’s the cool part …

Even though they only take 5-8 hours to write, the typical fee is $1,250-$2,000. That works out to about $200 to $300 per hour …

2 to 4 times what the average journalist today earns on a story!

Easy-to-Learn Writing Project #2: E-newsletters

Business owners use e-newsletters to stay in touch with and build relationships with current, past, and potential clients.

As an e-newsletter writer, your job is to write fresh, relevant content (usually around 1,200 to 1,500 words) on a regular basis (either weekly or monthly), in the voice of your client.

The fee is typically around $800 per issue, but can go as high as $2,000 depending on the industry, length, and complexity of the topic.

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But what I love most about this opportunity is the consistency …

Once a business starts mailing an e-newsletter, they can’t stop. If they’ve promised it will come weekly, their customers expect it weekly! And that sets you up for a retainer deal — which means predictable ongoing income, month after month.

Easy-to-Learn Writing Project #3: Site Audits

Most companies have no idea why their website isn’t performing as they’d like … whether that includes not showing up in search engines, not bringing them new business, or not making any sales.

Yet by simply following a checklist, and looking for the common issues, you become a problem solver and uncover the “why.” Think of yourself as website detective. You’ll spend about 8 to 10 hours researching and writing (less when you’re more experienced) …

And here’s the best part: Grateful clients are more than happy to pay you $1,000 to $2,000 to write up a report (usually 10 to 13 pages with screen shots) that gives them the list of areas that need to be fixed.

And guess who they’d often like to hire to fix those problem areas? 🙂

So in essence, with this project, you can get paid twice! Once for the audit, and then again if you choose to take on the copy needs you’ve outlined in your report.

Easy-to-Learn Writing Project #4: Social Media Writer

If you’re already spending time on a social media network … why not get paid for it?

As a social media writer, your job may include managing the communities, writing messages/posts, leading discussions, writing advertisements to build engagement, and turning engagements into content ideas.

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The typical range for a social media manager is $1,500 to $2,000 a month.

And like writing e-newsletters, this one comes with the added benefit of predictable income month after month and a steady retainer.

Easy-to-Learn Writing Project #5: CopyEDITING

As a copyeditor, you’ll transform another writer’s “good” copy into GREAT copy …

And get paid (very well!) for work that takes far less time than it took the writer in the first place.

Copyediting is a great way to get your foot in the door with clients and start getting paid with very little pressure before you move on to your own writing projects.

Although truthfully, the money is so consistent you might decide to stick with copyediting full time … work with fiercely loyal clients who value what you do … AND get paid very well while still enjoying the freedom of the writer’s life.

Easy-to-Learn Writing Project #6: Emails

As far as starting points go, writing emails gives you every possible advantage …

They’re easy to learn and, because they are often only 300-800 words, you can write them quickly. Plus, businesses need a lot of them in order to stay in touch with past, present, and future customers.

Even if you’re new to writing email copy, you could realistically charge $100, $300, $750, even $1,250 or more per email you write, depending on its intention.

The closer you are to the sale, the more money you’ll typically charge. Since most marketers will need anywhere from 3-10 emails at a time, the fees can really add up quickly.

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Easy-to-Learn Writing Project #7: Your Own Money-Making Website

I’m closing the list out with one opportunity every writer should consider doing …

Because once it’s set up, it keeps making passive revenue for you. You actually create an asset that continues to grow (and could actually be sold down the line if you choose!).

If you’re not familiar, a Money-Making Website is an information website on a specific topic you’re passionate about — or that many people are interested in learning more about.

From coffee and water, to work-at-home opportunities and raising rabbits, AWAI members have created Money-Making Websites on a variety of topics over the years.

One AWAI member even made a Money-Making Website all about tomatoes, and today she says it’s become a “cash cow” for her family! She used the income to pay for college living expenses for her children, and now she’s using it for travel!


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