Why is viewing pornography extremely harmful?

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What can you learn from Leo’s experience?

Like Leo, I learned that when I fear Jehovah, I can’t excuse bad behavior. At the first instance, I won’t want to get involved with bad associates as that could lead to bad consequences for me.

I also learned that with help from the elders, those who go astray can retrace their steps back to Jehovah.


What choice is presented?

The choice to accept sexual immorality or pornography, as featured in the media or online.

Why is viewing pornography extremely harmful?

Pornography is is a trap, it is harmful, degrading, and addictive because the immoral images have staying power; they are difficult to erase from the mind. Viewing pornography, we can’t adhere to Col. 3:5 that urges us to deaden wrong desires; instead, it inflames them.

What helps us to act wisely?

Cultivating a healthy fear of displeasing Jehovah can really help us. In fact, the Bible says that Godly fear is “the beginning,” or foundation, “of wisdom.”

How did godly fear help Alain to make a wise decision, and with what result?

Alain is a Christian elder and school teacher who said that many of his colleagues regarded pornographic films as a form of sexual education. But out of godly fear, he refused to view those films. He also explained the reason why to his colleagues.

Some of his fellow teachers who were impressed by his lifestyle are now study the Bible and attend Christian meetings.


What benefits will be ours if we accept the invitation from “true wisdom”?

We will continue to enjoy a banquet that is well-arranged and healthful, a feast of well-presented spiritual dishes. As we are learning to love what Jehovah loves and to hate what he hates our joy abounds more and more. And we find satisfaction in inviting others to benefit from “true wisdom.” as we participate in the preaching work. As we “walk forward in the way of understanding.” we can hope to live forever, always having the pleasure of worshiping Jehovah.

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