Search Dominance: US claims Google pays more than $10 billion

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  • The US Justice Department and state attorneys general have launched an antitrust case against Google, accusing the company of unlawfully using its dominance in the search engine market to maintain monopoly power. Google’s search ads generate nearly 60% of its revenue, and the lawsuit alleges that the company paid billions of dollars to device makers, wireless companies, and browser makers to ensure its search engine would be the default option.
  • Google claims it has not violated antitrust laws and argues that it is successful because it provides a fast, effective search engine for free. The company suggests that consumers have the choice to use alternative search engines.
  • The trial will determine whether Google violated antitrust law and, if so, what actions should be taken. The outcome of the case will likely be appealed by both parties, potentially delaying the resolution for years. Previous antitrust cases against Microsoft and AT&T have had significant impacts on the technology industry.

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