Low magnesium contributes more to heart disease than cholesterol

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For years, the medical industry thought cholesterol was the most important factor in heart disease.

But that idea is being flipped on its head…

A decade-long study looking at cardiovascular disease found that low magnesium contributed more to heart disease than cholesterol or saturated fat. That’s amazing!

The simple act of taking a high-quality magnesium supplement can help prevent heart problems better than obsessing about cholesterol levels.

More and more doctors are turning to magnesium as the first line of defense to protect the heart.

It makes sense! Magnesium…

•       Regulates heart rhythm (preventing arrhythmia)
•       Wards off angina (the intense chest pain caused by arteries having spasms)
•       Keeps electrical signals firing properly
•       And reduces high blood pressure

Supplementing is even more important as you age, since older people have a harder time absorbing magnesium, they store less of it in their bones, and lose more of it in their urine.

It can be difficult to get enough magnesium through food alone. That’s why most doctors recommend supplementing.

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